Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Search for Shiny Things: Part 24

A second breakfast was consumed, or perhaps it was the second part of the first one, and then another soft knock drew the teddy bear to the door. The hermit crab blinked at it from the outside.
“I would come inside, but your door is much too small,” it complained.
With enthusiastic help from the squirrel and much less enthusiastic help from everyone else, they managed to push the hermit crab inside. “I'm glad you came, hermit crab,” said the teddy bear.
“I have,” said the hermit crab, “after much consideration decided to be a hedgehog. It seems more sensible.”
“Yet you still carry around the knitted house?”
“This is not a house,” the hedgehog said, somewhat insulted. “Can't you see that it's decorations? I know you said you wanted shiny ones, but I had no time to find shiny wool to knit with, so they are simply decorations.”
The teddy bear was very thankful, and the moth splashed some silver paint on the knitting to fix the shininess. Because there was so much of it, everyone started hanging the decorations everywhere. The teddy picked up a few and headed for the tree, passing the cat and the moth who were working on the lower parts of the tree.
“Let me help,” the teddy said, reaching for the higher branches.
With one mouth, all the guests at once exclaimed, “NO!”
Somewhat intimidated, the teddy bear lowered its paw. “No? But I'm good at helping.”
“Yes,” the moth soothed the teddy, “you are a great help. In fact, I think I would need your help to finish all the food that's still left in the kitchen.”
Teddy bears were, the teddy had to admit, better suited for that task. So while the moth and the hedgehog argued about which color knitting fit best with which color wall, and the panda bear and the scarecrow drew tables and diagrams for the perfect ratio of saltiness to caramel, and the squirrel tried to drag the cat into a game on the wolverine's game board, and the plushie grayhound set some candy candles on fire and squealed with horrified delight as they melted, the rest ate a third breakfast, or possibly the third part of the first, or maybe more likely the first part of the second.
And they all had a fantastic Christmas Eve.


Nightflyer said...

Så himla bra julkalender! Lätt den bästa hittills! =D

Nice that the hedgehog decided to in fact be a hedgehog in the end. Hehe, awesome that everyone panicked just perhaps possibly a lot when Teddy wanted to help one last time. Love this.

Riklurt said...

Hooray for parties! And it is probably a good thing the last helping was stopped. I have a feeling Teddy's luck was starting to run out.

But, as they say, it Turned Out Nice Again!

Sydow said...

It did indeed turn out nice again.

kudos on a an excellent teddy adventure!